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The Metamorphosis

8 Emad El-Deen, Oraby, Al Azbakeyah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 8 Emad El-Deen, Oraby, Al Azbakeyah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Sat, 14 Apr 18 08:00 pm

In a big unnamed city, lives a small unnamed family who find their already strained relationship challenged by the face of death.
In the year eighteen of the new millennia, humanity is passing through a new metamorphic phase, which is not a cause of change of climate, but due to change of human behavior in the act of life.
•Embodying the Site: Making the space itself an event.
With memories full of anguish, heartache, and uncertainty lingering over the abundantly decayed textured walls of the place, the watchful faces of explorers, enters the unexplained phenomena to witness an uncanny unnamed characters in an indistinct geography debating an inconclusive conclusions of the oppressive fundamental mysteriousness of existence.
•A Site-Specific experience.
The Metamorphosis is designed to be performed at unique adapted locations other than a standard theatre venue, therefore the theatrical happening takes place in unconventional abandoned places originally built without any intention of serving theatrical purposes. The nature of The Metamorphosis is commonly more interactive than conventional theatre and, with the expectation of audience members predominantly to walk or move about weaving the dramatic presence of space and turning it altogether with its inhabitants to a place.

Rules&Regulations :
Doors open @ 7:30 PM
Dress Code:Formal – Semi Formal – Smart Casual – Mixed.
Minimum age: 18.
No Food and Beverages Allowed.
Sold Tickets are non refundable.


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