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Maker Faire Cairo 2018

Smart Village, Giza Governorate, Egypt

  • Late Owl

    100 EGP

  • Group Ticket (Late Owl)

    320 EGP

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 Smart Village, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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 Sat, 10 Mar 18 10:00 am

Maker Faire Cairo is back

For the fourth time, on March 10, the fourth annual Maker Faire Cairo is taking place in the land of all wonders, the Smart Village, organized by Fab Lab Egypt in collaboration with the American Center Cairo. Given the tough economic situation Egypt is going through, the venue alone will encourage any visitor to adopt Maker culture, to “Make” their way through, surviving in style!

Maker Faire Cairo 2018 is not your conventional event. Plan your day to attend an inspiring series of talks or register in a workshop to enhance your skills; visit exhibitions or sign up for activities to have fun with your friends; enrich your inner artist by engaging in carpentry, pottery, sketching, doodling, painting, origami, puppets, mosaics,: You’ll never find a place like Maker Faire that gathers all of these different Makers (and much more) in one place!
We’ve promised you special, and we’ll deliver no less. Maker Faire Cairo is a day you want to get all of your family, friends and kids to! You’ll be sure to leave with more than just an epic show, but the spirit of inspiration that’ll take you out of your routine and into a magical world full of ideas and potential. https://goo.gl/Ti8S2m

Ticket Types:
Early Bird Ticket: 50 EGP “Valid till 19th of Feb.”
Group Ticket for 4 persons (Early Bird): 160 EGP “Valid till 19th of Feb.”
Late Owl Ticket: 100 EGP
Group Ticket for 4 persons (Late Owl): 320 EGP

Rules&Regulations :
Gates open @ 09:00 AM
Sold Tickets are non refundable.

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