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Fifa Festival

February 24 @ 5:00 pm - March 11 @ 10:00 pm


Gamers Planet first competition will be in the most popular multiplayer video game in Egypt FIFA 17 on PS4. The biggest E-sports/gaming competition in Egypt & Africa with the first prize up to 1,000,000 EGP with up to 2,000,000 EGP prize pool for the first 100 winner in a very competitive atmosphere.

Date & Time:
Starting from Friday, 24th of February 2017 to Friday, 10th of March 2017.
Doors open @ 4:30 PM.
The Event starts @ 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: Porto Cairo Mall

Ticket Prices:
Regular Ticket: EGP 500
Crew (3 Members) Ticket: EGP 1050
Crew (5 Members) Ticket: EGP 1750

1st Prize UP to: 1,000,000 EGP
2nd Prize UP to: 200,000 EGP
3rd Prize UP to: 100,000 EGP
4th to 100th Winners: various prizes

Rules and Regulations:
Here you will find all the rules & regulations for our tournaments. All matches must be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, except as specifically modified as follows in the tournament rules where all games will be played on the PlayStation 4 console.
Game Mode:
For ease of use all games will be played in “Kick Off” Mode.
Picking Teams:
Every player is allowed to pick their preferred team. Teams can be picked before the start of the game. Players are allowed to use multiple teams throughout the tournament as they please. It is accepted to have the same teams play against each other (e.g. Barcelona). In that case, the ‘away’ player will have to pick the Away Jersey for that team. In general, ‘away’ players are responsible for picking the jersey that does not resemble the home team jersey.
Score Recording:
The scores will be reported to the score table or referee by both players after the game.
Game-Play Settings:
– 6-minute Halves
– Injuries: On
– Off Sides: On
– Time/Score Display: On
– Player Status Bar: Player Names
– Camera: Tele
– Speed: Normal
– Substitutions: Players are only allowed to pause the game if their team is in possession of the ball.
Match Schedules:
Each player will play a minimum of 3 games. After the 3 games in the group stage, the top two players in each group will qualify for the elimination stage up to the final.
If a player does not show for the game or forfeits during the game, he/she loses the game with the maximum score of 3-0.
Standings and Tie-breakers:
It is the responsibility of the players to keep up with their team’s standings. Three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss in the group stage. In the event of ties in point standings, the following sequence will be used to determine who advances to the elimination stage, and who wins his group:
1.Points earned from matches won or tied.
2.Result of head to head game.
3.Goal difference: Total net score for tournament games. Net score = goals scored, less goals scored against.
4.If two teams are still tied, a 12min (6min per half) match will be played to determine the winner.
After a tied game in knock-out stage, the game will go to overtime and then penalties to determine a winner.
Conduct and Discipline:
The administration has the right to disqualify players from the tournament after misconduct or unethical behavior during the Tournament. Disqualification means that the player is not allowed to play any more games in the Tournament and will automatically lose every next game with the maximum score of 3-0.

General Rules:
– A player cannot press the middle pad to use the goal keeper in any point during the match. If a player makes use of this button, the match will result in a forfeit loss and can lead to disqualification from the tournament
– Frequent and purposeful pausing during game play may be subject to disqualification.(4 pauses for each team per game)
– No sideline coaching is allowed. You may cheer or boo as the game progresses, but you may not offer advice to anyone playing a game. Except once by crew manager.
– If a player purposely turns off a game while it’s in progress, that player will be disqualified from the tournament. Entry into future tournaments may be denied.
– All players must play the Game using the above game-play settings. Any deviation from these settings will result in automatic disqualification. If game settings are found to be wrong by the tournament administrators, both player will be disqualified
– By entering this tournament, each participant consents to the posting and use of his or her name and/or photograph on Gamers Planet facebook and website page.
– If a player requires a joystick, you can ask us and we can rent you one.
– It is important that you give us your ID card for the period of time you are using our joystick, and we will give it back when you give us the joystick back. If the joystick is lost or damaged, the player has to pay for it.
– By attending the Fifa Festival Tournament, participants agree without reservations to comply with these rules and regulations, as well as the decisions made by the referees of the tournament. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the referees. Any decisions made may overrule the following rules and regulations to maintain the spirit of competition. Participants have to obey the instructions made by the referees at all times.
– Every participant acknowledges the rights of Gamer Planet to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice.
– Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards the referees and the other participants won’t be tolerated and will be punished, an immediate disqualification and/or a temporary ban from the Fifa Festival tournament.
– Every participant has to stay ready and available for the duration of the tournament, or until his elimination from the tournament. Longer absence needs to be approved by the referees in order to avoid any sort of punishment
– Crews are a team of 5 participants under a specific team. All crew members will attend in the same game day, same schedule.
– Prizes are distributed among your teammates, so choose your team carefully.
– A crew may invite 1 person to enter our venue as a Manager.
– Scheduling his team matches, gets them on time
– Studying/watching other team’s performance
– The only one who can call time out in match. (Once)
– Attend special meetings if called for
– Best Manager will receive a prize of appreciation


اكبر مسابقه فى مصر و افريقيا مقدمه من شركه gamers planet فى اكثر العاب playstation 4 شعبيه FIFA 17


ابتداء من يوم الجمعة 24 فبراير الى 10 مارس 2017

الأبواب تفتح 4:30 مساء

المباريات تبدأ من الساعه 5 مساء الى الساعه ١٠ مساء ( فى المرحلة الاولى سيلعب كل متسابق ٣ مباريات

فى مجموعته لمده ساعتين فقط )


بورتو كايرو مول

-أسعار التذاكر:

الفردى : 500 جنيه

الجماعى: خمسه أفراد *350 جنيه


المركز الاول جائزه تصل الى مليون جنيه

المركز الثانى جائزه تصل الى ٢٠٠,٠٠٠ جنيهاً

المركز الثالث جائزه تصل الى ١٠٠,٠٠٠ جنيهاً

و جوائز قيمه كثيره من المركز الرابع الى ١٠٠

-طريقه اللعب:

كل المباريات ستلعب من kick off mode

-اختيار الفريق

كل لاعب يختار فريقه المفضل ويسمح الاعب بتغير الفريق اثناء البطوله.ويسمح للاعبين اختار نفس الفريق خلال المواجهات

-تسجيل النتائج:

ستسجل النتائج فى جدول البطوله من خلال الحكام

-اعدادات المباريات

٦ دقائق للشوط

الإصابات: مغلقه

التسلل: موجود

إظهار النتيجه و الوقت

إظهار اسم الاعب و حالته

الكاميرا: tele

السرعه: متوسطه

التغيرات: يسمح للاعب بوقف العب للتغير اثناء حيازته للكره

-جدول المباريات

كل لاعب سيلعب ٣ مباريات في المرحله الاولى .يصعدالمركز الاول و الثانى للمرحله المقبله


اذا انسحب احد الاعبين قبل او فى اثناء المباره ستكون النتيجه ٣-٠ للاعب الاخر

-الترتيب و التعادل فالنقاط:

فى مرحله المجموعات سيحتسب ٣ نقاط فى حاله الفوز

و نقطه واحده فى حاله التعادل

و صفرنقاط فى حاله الخساره

فى حاله تعادل النقاط فى جدول الترتيب فى نهايه مرحله المجموعات سيحدد المتأهل طبقاً لهذا الترتيب:

١-عدد النقاط

٢-النتائج المباشره

٣-الفرق بين عدد الأهداف المسجلة له و عليه اذا ظل احد الفريقين متعادلين فى كل ما سبق سيلعب مباراه بينهما فاصله عادله


للمنظمون الحق فى استقصاء الاعب عند صدور اى فعل غير اخلاقى او  قانونى فى المنافسات.والاستقصاء يعنى خروج الاعب من البطوله و سيخسر جميع مبارياته التاليه بنتيجه ٣-٠


*اذا تعمد المتسابق اللعب بحارس المرمى اثناء الهجوم عليه سيكون الاعب منسحب من المباراة و سيقصى من البطوله .

*اذا أوقف المتسابق بصوره مستمرة المباراة سيقصى من البطوله.(لكل لاعب اربع توقفات فقط فى المباره الواحدة)

*اثناء المباريات لا يسمح بإعطاء النصائح او الارشادات الا من خلال مدير الفريق .

*اذا أغلق احد الاعبين جهاز playstation او اللعبه اثناء المباراة سيعتبر الاعب منسحب وسيقصى من البطوله ولا يسمح له بدخول البطولات القادمة .

*على كل المتسابقين اللعب بالقوانين السابقة و اى حياد عنها سيقصى من البطوله.واذا اكتشف المنظمون اى تغير فى قوانين اللعب سيتم إقصاء المتسابق

*يحضر كل لاعب joystick الخاص به وإذا كان الاعب لا يمتلك joystick يمكنه التأجير من داخل مكان البطوله

*عند تأجيرjoystick يجب تسليم إثبات شخصيه لحين استرجاعه

* يوافق جميع المتسابقين على الشروط والقوانين السابقه بدون تحفظ بالاضافة لقرارات الحكام فى كل الأوقات

*يحق للشركه المنظمه تعديل اى من القوانين و الشروط السابقه حرصا لنزاهة المسابقه

*يجب على المتسابقين احترام بعضهم البعض واحترام الحكام واى فعل يخالف ذلك يعرض صاحبه للإقصاء

*حضور المتسابق فى مواعيد مبارياته مسؤليته الشخصية

-مدير الفريق:

يسمح لمدير الفريق بالتواجد فى مكان المسابقه اثناء مباريات فريقه .




February 24 @ 5:00 pm
March 11 @ 10:00 pm


Porto Cairo Mall
First Settlement , New Cairo , Ring Road next to JW Marriott Hotel
Cairo, Egypt
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