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May 4, 2017

Over the past couple of years we had a lot of focus on providing ticketing for events, especially musical concerts. Yet, our vision continues to be providing a simple and easy to use booking experience for everything and everyone. Today we are taking a big step in this direction as we transform into a primary booking hub for a lot more than concerts. Now, through E7gezly, you can book a variety of cultural venues, Cultural Wheel, Darb 1718, and El Genaina Theater. Sports events, PSA Women’s World Championship and ElGouna International Squash Open World Series For Men. Fashion events, La Mode De Beyroth. Business events, CareerIntro Pharma and of course musical concerts, Omar Khairat and Angham.

Furthermore, through the help of our partners, How They Rate, you now get to book a selection of top-class restaurants. Fancy a dinner at New Cairo, Maadi or Heliopolis? Just head to our new restaurants category and book your table there. Not only this, but more over, through our partnership with Cinemawy, you can also book tickets to top cinemas like Stars Cinema, Galaxy Cairo Festival City, and Galaxy Mall of Arabia.

More events, and more than just events, e7gezly is now a lot more.

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