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Tawsila: From Sa7el to Alex

Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Rd, Markaz Al Alamein, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt

  • 29-50km

    40 EGP

  • 51-80km

    60 EGP

  • 81-142km

    80 EGP

 Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh Rd, Markaz Al Alamein, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt

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 Thu, 10 Aug 17 11:00 am

Your ride is the first thing that comes to mind when your friends decide “Yalla Sahel” – Tawseela will guarantee you the safest and cheapest ride for you and your friends. You’ll be most comfortable in our air conditioned bus with your favorite hits playing; to and from your destined location.
Enjoy your ride with 2017 Mercedes Bus, fully air-conditioned, movable chairs and comfy chairs.

كل مرة تقرر تروح الساحل مع صحابك، “التوصيلة” اكتر حاجة بتعطل الموضوع، صح؟ – ” توصيلة ” اول باص هيضمنلك وصولك من الاسكندرية ل الساحل في رحلة آمنه و بارخص سعر عشان متشيلش هم التوصيلة تاني. باص مكيف، باغاني جديدة ومتنوعة، ذهاب ورجوع. وفر فلوسك و وقتك مع توصيلة
استمتع برحلتك باتوبيسات مرسيدس 2017 – مكيفة بالكامل – مقاعد متحركة – مقاعد مريحة

Daily Rides:
-The Morning Ride moves from Mcdonalds – Smouha, Alexandria @11:00 AM and the return from Telal Village @2:00PM
-The Night Ride moves from Mcdonalds – Smouha, Alexandria @06:00 PM and the return from Telal Village @9:00PM

Choose your pickup place in order to know your “Tawsila” rates:

-Payment is required within 2 hours of online booking to confirm the seat/s
-Tickets are non-refundable
-Time estimated for the bus arrival are subjected to 10 minutes + or -, please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before the pick up from your station
-From Sahel to Alexandria, the bus will be on the other side of the highway, so you are required to cross the street
-Bus Sizes might differ depending on the number of bookings
-It’s Mandatory for everyone to respect their seats
-No smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol, littering, vandalism, graffiti, or hazardous materials
-No loud or intrusive use of profanity/obscenities or other disorderly conduct, including threatening or harassing behavior to other passengers and/or driver
-No inappropriate/distracting conversation with the driver
-No fighting or conduct allowed that could pose a threat to public safety
-No firearms or other weapons.
-No pets allowed with the exception f certified service animals trained to assist individuals with disabilities
-Stand behind the white or yellow lines and hold onto the stanchions or overhead railings. Use a seat if available
-No hands, arms, heads, or personal belongings outside of the bus while in motion
-No solicitation for commercial or non-commercial purposes
-Do not take up more than one seat or place your feet on the seats
-No electronic listening or music devices without headsets or earphones
-Do not open windows without the permission of the driver
-Shirt and shoes are required
-Follow all requests made by the driver and bus attendant
-Report suspicious behavior to the bus attendant

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