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MazzikaXElsat7: Biniti – .ﻣﺰﯾﻜﺎ ﻓﻲ اﻟﺴﻄﺢ: ﺑﯿﻨﺘﻲ

Darb 1718, Kom Ghorab, Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Darb 1718, Kom Ghorab, Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Thu, 25 May 17 07:00 pm

Binti is a band composed of six singing sisters who are born to a Belgian mother and an Egyptian father. They grew up together with a passion for music. A few years ago, their shared passion made them unite their voices and Binti was born. The band’s name roots in their Egyptian heritage. The band started mainly as a vocal-acoustic band. They interpreted songs in different genres from reggae to barbershop and blues. With minimal instrumentation – 6 voices, a guitar and a flute – they got to know each other very well musically, and started to play more often, combining very different kind of venues and stages: the streets of Ghent in Belgium, gardens, living rooms and also the bigger festival stages.

Rules&Regulations :
Doors open @ 7:00 PM
Dress Code: Casual.
Minimum Age is 16 years old.
No Food and Beverages Allowed .
Sold Tickets are non refundable.

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