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 El Genaina Theater

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 Thu, 31 Aug 17 08:30 pm

Hawas is an independent Egyptian band, formed in Cairo in 2014. Hawas presents alternative music that aims at exploring new musical dimensions through mixing different music genres. Hawas’ distinguished sound comes from progressive music mixed with the drama of melody and lyrics as a special mean of human expression. Hawas’ lyrics revolve around tales of humans; be it suffering, happiness, memories or journeys of self discovery.

Hawas self produced two EPs in 2015, “Hawas” and “Like Winter”. Hawas performed multiple live shows in and outside of Cairo, and also took part in important events such as Carthage Music Festival 2017, D-CAF festival 2017, and the opening of Goethe Film Week, 2016.

Hawas was formed by five former members of “Maghna Khan” band and currently consists of eight musicians: Mahmoud Khateeb (Lead Vocal), Marwan Fawzi (Accordion), Amir Rasmy (Keyboards), Hisham Anas (Oud), Al-Moataz Bellah Moussa (Lead Guitar), Mahmoud Waly (Bass Guitar), Ahmed Tito (Drums) and Bouda Abu El Yazeed (Percussions).

Rules&Regulations :
Doors open @ 8:00 PM Dress Code: Casual.
Minimum Age is 16 years old.
No Food and Beverages Allowed.
Sold Tickets are non refundable.

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