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DODGEBALL LEAGUE Teams Registration

Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Fri, 1 Dec 17 08:00 pm

Egyptian Dodgeball league will take place starting 17th of October to mid February 2018 in two locations:
Track Indoor Court Heliopolis
Maadi Olympic Center

Matches will take place Every Tuesday from 08:00PM to 10:00PM

From this league the New National Team will be selected that will travel to the world cup 2018 in New York.

Rules&Regulations :
Payment & Registration deadline is on the 9th Of October.
Minimum age is 16 years old.
In case of no show or 15 minutes late for the start time of the match, this game will be considered as a win for the other team with a 7-0 score.
At least 4 players need to show up at each game.
Each team can only include a maximum of 3 players from those who played in the African Cup Championship.
If the team’s status was no show for more than two games, they will be suspended from the league.
Each Team must have a uniform.
If any player has a bad attitude with the Referee, he/she will be suspended for 2 matches.
Please make sure to join the “what’s app” group link sent in the confirmation email.
Group Stages:
The highest rank will enter the finals according to:
A) Points
B) Sets difference

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