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Battle of the Elements

Darb 1718, Kom Ghorab, Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Darb 1718, Kom Ghorab, Misr Al Qadimah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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 Sat, 13 May 17 06:00 pm

On May 13 the second edition of the dance competition the “Battle of the Elements” will take place at contemporary art and culture centre DARB1718. Based on the four elements of air, water, earth and fire, the competition will see dancers face off in the categories of Breakdance Crews, Seven—Smoke, Allstyle 1vs1 and Allstyle 2vs2.
Ticket Category Pricing Benefits 50 EGP • Entrance
This event aims to merge the different cultures of hip-hop, contemporary and break dance and is the first in its kind to be hosted in Cairo. Each category will be assigned an element, and the winners of each category will be challenged by the judges with creative battle tasks to decide who is the master of all four elements.
The event is organized as a collaboration between Sine Forma , Ahmed El Shamy and DARB1718. Judging the competition will be Alex, Charley Bates and Ahmed ‘Heat’ El Shamy (breakdance); Dalia El Abd, Ahmed Shamel Azmy ‘Mido’ and Mahmoud Shoukry (Allstyle).

Rules&Regulations :
Doors open @ 5:00 PM
Dress Code: Casual.
Minimum Age is 16 years old.
No Food and Beverages Allowed .
Sold Tickets are non refundable.

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