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Bahiyya / Sefsafa

El Genaina Theater

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 El Genaina Theater

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 Sat, 15 Jul 17 08:30 pm

Bahiyya is a contemporary Egyptian band that reproduces Egyptian political and social songs from the Egyptian rich musical heritage, yet in a contemporary style. The band members met in 2011.

Sefsafa is an Egyptian band formed in 2016, they are influenced by both reggae and genaw music, adding to these genres their own rich style of Egyptian slang. Their songs discuss the different everyday aspects of life in Egypt, tackling the subjects of Love, Financial Burdens, Peace, and Finding one’s self in Music.

Rules&Regulations :
Doors open @ 8:00 PM Dress Code: Casual.
Minimum Age is 16 years old.
No Food and Beverages Allowed.
Sold Tickets are non refundable.

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